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“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

– Winston Churchill

For those of you wondering, the poll on Instagram to determine if the name ‘jelly-drippers’ (to describe holes in bread) was just something Francie grew up with, or had wider usage, seems to indicate that it was just her local family lexicon.

I was excited to come back from a day of washing dishes at The Sparrow Bakery, and find my first box of books, shipped directly from the bindery! Pretty danged exciting to see two years of work finally in physical form. I should be getting a larger shipment next week, so if you signed up for a free book, I’ll start shipping those out soon (plus a signed bookplate for those of you who pre-ordered one.) If you missed out on that deal, it’s not too late! Pre-order a book, and send me an email with the order confirmation and your shipping address, and agree to leave a review the week of April 16, and I’ll mail you a free advance copy, inscribed to you, plus a signed bookplate to insert in the copy you ordered.

I’ve had fun on podcasts, meeting some great people doing great work, like Max Nijst at Fearless Happyness and Richard at 10 Adventures. In the next two weeks I’m on the Gratitude Podcast and Always Another Adventure with my longtime friend Simon Willis, who stayed at our house in Carlsbad when he did the PCT a couple of decades ago.

As fun and exciting as it is, there’s a ton of work associated with the launch of the book, and some other areas of my life are getting less attention for a season. This reminded me of a recent edition of Sahil Bloom’s Friday Five newsletter. I really like it, it’s short and sweet, and unusually interesting and actionable. A recent one talked about the Laundry Cycle Theory, which was the jump off for my latest blog post.

Hiker Pro Tip #16: For maximum efficiency, keep things you use a lot handy (like in a pocket); sunscreen, lip balm, water treatment, hygiene items, note paper and pen, phone/GPS/camera, map.

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