2010 What’s in Glen’s Pack? 

Watch as Glen describes everything he carries in his spinnaker G5 pack, including the foam doughnut. Includes great ‘picture-in-picture’ illustrations of the gear in use.

2016 What’s in Glen’s Pack? 

Glen unpacks his typical pack of this era, explaining the gear and his rationale along the way. Watch for the Ziploc bag measuring cup, and the Esbit simmer ring!

2018 What’s in Glen’s Pack?

Shot in Mammoth Lakes during the filming of the Gossamer Gear 20th anniversary video, it includes Glen’s explaination of how he decides where to pack the items, not just what to pack.  Look for the surprise hole in his sleeping pad shaped like a size 12 shoe!

Gossamer Gear 20th Anniversary 

Meet Glen’s son Brian, see some great ‘back in the day’ shots from the early days of GVP Gear, as well as meet some of the current team.

Lighten Up! 

In this 2005 production by Justin Gunn and One Man Band Productions, watch as Glen takes an experienced ‘traditional’ backpacker on a weekend trip, and dramatically reduces her pack weight right before your eyes!