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“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” 

– Ernest Hemingway

Winter finally arrived [again] in Bend! It’s been great getting out to enjoy it, as you can see by our Instagram photos. I was just on the phone with Ryan Jordan, doing an equipment test for the upcoming BPL Trail Days Online. We were catching up on what our kids were doing, and realized that there is some crossover in our respective family lexicons. Many years ago, Ryan and his family stayed with us at our house in Carlsbad. Their son Chase, then very young, but with that inimitable confidence of youth, pronounced that he was an ‘expairt’ at ‘wintair’ (expert at winter). We now use his youthful pronunciation when talking about ‘wintair’, and also from time to time say “I am an expairt.” Ryan laughed and said that they too use those terms. I’ve got an informal poll going on IG now trying to find out if ‘jelly-drippers’ is simply family lexicon, or has a wider use.

I forget the exact discussion point between Francie and I, but there was a question about “Do you suppose such-and-such would work out?” I told Francie, without thinking, “Probably!”, earning me an eye roll. That’s pretty much my default conclusion, as an optimist. It also reflects my default to trust people. But that got me thinking about Trust, the topic of my latest blog post.

In the next two weeks, I’ll be recording a podcast with Max Nijst at Fearless Happyness, and talking about minimalism with Richard at 10Adventures. I’m not sure when they will air, but when I find out I will mention it in this newsletter, and also list it on my events page. If you’re local to Bend, you can mark your calendar for an author event at Roundabout Books on May 2, and watch for an April event at Sparrow Bakery.

Hiker Pro Tip #12: Use available natural materials (leaves, smooth rocks, sticks, snow) to start the ‘wiping’ process, and carry half a disposable shop towel for ‘polishing’, which you can then fold up and pack out in a Ziploc bag.

take less. do more.

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